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FIRST KISS or LE BAISIER? a GREAT FAKE: nobody knows that is a copy of a short french film!

FIRST KISS or LE BASIER?: a GREAT FAKE: nobody knows that is a copy of a short french film!

1 The video FIRST KISS by Tatia PIlieva is a bad copy of a short film by French director Pascale Ferran “LE BAISIER” (1990): same black and white, same frame, same atmosphere, same mixing.

Pascale Ferran is a writer and director, known for Lady Chatterlay (2006), Petits arrangements avec le morts  (1994) and L’age de possible (1995).

For the short LE BAISIER (The KISS) she received at the time many international awards.

Multi awarded from critics, the film by the French director photographed the action of pure intimate gesture, spying the slightest variations and capturing the magic, suspended, leaving the basic question: they are real couples or strangers?

Le-Baiser2 A doubt which the video of the Pllieva eluded clearly, all focusing on the surprise generated by the vision of a close encounter between two strangers. In Le BIASIER, instead, the strength is in the ambiguity. For the rest, everything is absolutely like the French short. Plagiarism or coincidence twenty-four years later? Maybe just a source of inspiration. But like all the freebies honest, to be fair, it was enough to declare it.

Once more, we live in sad times where recycling is king. As if we were too stupid to realize.