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WHEN FASHION IS NOT ONLY CLOTHES: FRANCO MOSCHINO a visionary genius who scored the way to communicate in the ’80s

f (11)Franco Moschino was a true genius that has marked the history of fashion and communication in the ’80s years until early ’90s..

He was one of the symbols of Made in Italy first student of the Academy of Brera and then Milanese illustrator for Versace and Cadette with whom he also worked as a designer, (he was also an expert tailor) and liked to make visual puns demonstrates from the beginning of his career, which began in 1983, when it launches his first collection in Milan, a visionary talent and genius, also strongly influenced by the Dadaist movement.

Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colorful – sometimes eccentric – designs, for his criticisms of the fashion industry and for his social awareness campaigns.

Then one looks into some of his most popular slogans one understands how a man can make it in the world of luxury using means that could be called anti-luxury, anti-fashionable and anti-commercial. Here are some of them: “Good taste doesn’t exist”, “Stop the fashion system”, “A good copy is better than a bad original”, “Warning: fashion shows can be dangerous to your health”, among others. Like his attitude to creativity itself, the attitude of the designer to public presentations and advertisement campaigns is mischievous, ironic, critical and unconventional. He experimented and showed in practice that elegance can successfully be displaced by extravagance. And when he was sick and tired of the repetitive catwalking of models and realized the banal stir around every review, he stopped showing fashion in this way and preferred to launch his new ideas through video films and multimedia. (L.Stoykov)f (9)

He was a lover of improvisation and freedom, in all its forms, the designer says he does invent anything new, personally cared with his close collaborator, Lida Castelli, advertising campaigns.

f (6)“I’m not a fashion designer,” Moschino declared. “I’m a painter, a decorator. I’m not the author of a new era.”
Campaigns remaining epic in the history of fashion and communication. He used shows as theater, and humor as marketing his art. His collaborators say he was so rich but ran in Milan with his usually Fiat fiorino, always full of things.

Yet he claimed he was in conflict with the system that produced fashion because it shamefully disregarded modern society. Moschino chose a life surrounded by mere essentials, while he provided financial support to his favorite charities, including drug rehabilitation programs and a pediatric hospice for children suffering with HIV/AIDS. In 1995, Fondazione Moschino established an organization called Smile, which offers assistance to children in developing countries.

Moschino, a fashion show produced by the highly regarded Aeffe SpA, attracted media attention for the designer’s persistence in appropriating garments as sign boards of irreverence and irony. In 1989, Moschino’s signature line, Couture, was introduced during the “XX Olympics of Fashion.”

Famous also for his new Collection in 1988 MOSCHINO CHEAP and CHIC, with Olivia protagonist, women’s secondary line.

After Moschino’s untimely death, Rossella Jardini, his former assistant, became creative director.

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