I like to travel routes unknown, not for snobbery or thirst for distinguish myself, but simply because i like to follow my thought and my instict in the wake of curiosity.


1INDEPENDENT REVOLUTION is an association of cultural promotion, non-profit, that aims to connect artists and realize projects related to the world of art, cinema and theatre with social themes. The first work accomplished was The Ballad of the Homeless in 2015, a short animated film (co-production with ERfilmcommission) about the victims of the earthquake in emilia in 2012.

Another intent of the association is to convey the arts and crafts of cinema and art to children, so we organize workshops to give knowledge to them. IR has also created projects related to the theme of migrants and is now working to develop another short animation about Omocausto and gender identity.
President of the association is Monica Manganelli, director and creative designer.

“All stories have a beginning that most of the times it is difficult to interpret, difficult to decipher. Simply put, all beginnings are unknown, but like all the unknowns are a continuing challenge, a constant stimulus to be able to give always the best, in the knowledge that give the best often is not enough. “(Anthony B.)

For these reasons, comes INDEPENDENT REVOLUTION: a blog or better Cahiers d ‘Art, a virtual community where you will meet different forms of art, creativity and artists. A “simple” challenge that stimulates your sense of aesthetics, visual and emotional. Because aesthetics, such as mathematics, is not an opinion.So why the choice of two words as INDEPENDENT and REVOLUTION? INDEPENDENT to emphasize the independence of thought, a necessary condition for the curious and open minds to new horizons.
REVOLUTION because I have the “presumption” of triggering a revolution in the other through the concept of beauty.

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