I like to travel routes unknown, not for snobbery or thirst for distinguish myself, but simply because i like to follow my thought and my instict in the wake of curiosity.

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WHEN FASHION IS NOT ONLY CLOTHES: FRANCO MOSCHINO a visionary genius who scored the way to communicate in the ’80s

f (11)Franco Moschino was a true genius that has marked the history of fashion and communication in the ’80s years until early ’90s..

He was one of the symbols of Made in Italy first student of the Academy of Brera and then Milanese illustrator for Versace and Cadette with whom he also worked as a designer, (he was also an expert tailor) and liked to make visual puns demonstrates from the beginning of his career, which began in 1983, when it launches his first collection in Milan, a visionary talent and genius, also strongly influenced by the Dadaist movement.

Moschino and his fashion label became famous for his innovative, colorful – sometimes eccentric – designs, for his criticisms of the fashion industry and for his social awareness campaigns.

Then one looks into some of his most popular slogans one understands how a man can make it in the world of luxury using means that could be called anti-luxury, anti-fashionable and anti-commercial. Here are some of them: “Good taste doesn’t exist”, “Stop the fashion system”, “A good copy is better than a bad original”, “Warning: fashion shows can be dangerous to your health”, among others. Like his attitude to creativity itself, the attitude of the designer to public presentations and advertisement campaigns is mischievous, ironic, critical and unconventional. He experimented and showed in practice that elegance can successfully be displaced by extravagance. And when he was sick and tired of the repetitive catwalking of models and realized the banal stir around every review, he stopped showing fashion in this way and preferred to launch his new ideas through video films and multimedia. (L.Stoykov)f (9)

He was a lover of improvisation and freedom, in all its forms, the designer says he does invent anything new, personally cared with his close collaborator, Lida Castelli, advertising campaigns.

f (6)“I’m not a fashion designer,” Moschino declared. “I’m a painter, a decorator. I’m not the author of a new era.”
Campaigns remaining epic in the history of fashion and communication. He used shows as theater, and humor as marketing his art. His collaborators say he was so rich but ran in Milan with his usually Fiat fiorino, always full of things.

Yet he claimed he was in conflict with the system that produced fashion because it shamefully disregarded modern society. Moschino chose a life surrounded by mere essentials, while he provided financial support to his favorite charities, including drug rehabilitation programs and a pediatric hospice for children suffering with HIV/AIDS. In 1995, Fondazione Moschino established an organization called Smile, which offers assistance to children in developing countries.

Moschino, a fashion show produced by the highly regarded Aeffe SpA, attracted media attention for the designer’s persistence in appropriating garments as sign boards of irreverence and irony. In 1989, Moschino’s signature line, Couture, was introduced during the “XX Olympics of Fashion.”

Famous also for his new Collection in 1988 MOSCHINO CHEAP and CHIC, with Olivia protagonist, women’s secondary line.

After Moschino’s untimely death, Rossella Jardini, his former assistant, became creative director.

f (12)     f (5) f (4)






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Mr DIYNN EADEL AMAR like FITZCARRALDO PART II: don’t allow your dream to give up! Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

SAD News: OUTDOOR CINEMA in THE SINAI DESERT was destroyed. But why not re-launch the challenge? then don’t allow your dream to give up!

Nothing is impossible. Risk Everything”

“By striving to do the impossible, man has always achieved what is possible. Those who have cautiously done no more than they believed possible have never taken a single step forward.” BAKUNIN.

sinai desert cinema outdoor

   cinema before destruction – kaupo kikkas

All the media and web-world talked about the discovery of a wonderful outdoor cinema abandoned in the Sinai desert; an incredible, magical and fascinating place where behind there is the story the realization of a dream by Mr. Diynn Eadel.

For several days newspapers have talked about this topic. I love the desert and I am a dreamer and this story touched me. I immediately likened Mr. Diynn Eadel to Fitzcarralo: the same dauntless foolishness and desire to achieve their dreams.

We all face obstacles in pursuing our goals, whether they’re professional or personal. If you don’t keep going, you’ll never know how far you could have gone and you’ll miss out on being the person you’d become through the effort itself. If you do keep going, well, it’s like this quote: “Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

This History has arousedmuch fuss, really too fuss because the sad news is: in these days the cinema in the desert the film was destroyed. I think it was a gesture really miserable, and it is too obvious that caused envy and wickedness of those who have not moral depth.

Mr. Diynn Eadel in the last days wrote:

“ I DID MY JOB and I DID MY DREAM. Dear Friends around the world :

I had dream .. And did everything to realize this dream..With dogs barking, wolves howling and with passion .. Fighting for my dream for years !

I did my work. You dreamed as well when you discovered and experienced the The Cinema At The End Of The World.. A most amazing dream…We Dared to dream and dared to stand out. Get off the beaten path.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.Diynn Eadel A.

Owner, Creator and Proud of the so called : “The Cinema At The End Of The World”.


Then in my head I think:” why don’t dream to rebuild this outdoor cinema in the Sinai desert (eventually not in the same place) but this time to make it operational?. Imagine you an evening with a projection of Dune’ movie, David Lynch invited along with spectators, Bedouins and camels.

I believe that in the era of new technology and mass communication a challenge like this could become true and demonstrate the quote: “Those who dream can move mountains.” Fitzcarraldo

What do you think?

Someone accepts the challenge?

How a famous ADV (Nike) says : “Nothing is impossible. Risk Everything”

Write me in the case, if you’re dreamer and we could get in touch with Mr. Diynn Eadel.


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   Camille Pissarro – Photo by Peter Lippmann – 2014

Every Year Louboutin Fashion brand creates impressive AD campaign. For several times collaborates with the Photograper PETER LIPPMANN and creates new advertisements inspired by  famous painter ( Van Gogh and Monet for example).

Photographer and artist Peter Lipmann continues the theme of the masterpieces of the world art in a new series for  Christian Louboutin. This time source of inspiration are impressionism’s masterpiece.

Peter Lippmann is a still life photographer who, though born in New York, has been living and working in Paris for the last 15 years. He has collaborated with the most famous French brands (Cartier, Guerlain, SFR Telecom, SNCF Rail, Pierre Gagnaire), as well as international brands such as Nicolas wines, Minute Maid, Chianti, Downy, Wilkinson Sword and is regularly published in magazines such as Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire and Le Figaro.

I show you the latest campaign (2014) and also 2011, in this way you can see the same wonderful work well done for the shoes brand Louboutin.


   Vincent van Gogh – Photo by Peter Lippmann – 2014


   Cézanne – Photo by Peter Lippmann – 2014


   Brueghel – Photo by Peter Lippmann – 2014


   Henri Fantin-Latour – Photo by Peter Lippmann – 2014


Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011



Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011



Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011



Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011



Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011



Peter Lippmann – Louboutin Campaign 2011


Peter Lippmann is a still life photographer who, though born in New York, has been living and working in Paris for the last 15 years. He has collaborated with the most famous French brands (Cartier, Guerlain, SFR Telecom, SNCF Rail, Pierre Gagnaire), as well as international brands such as Nicolas wines, Minute Maid, Chianti, Downy, Wilkinson Sword and is regularly published in magazines such as Vogue, New York Times Magazine, Marie Claire and Le Figaro
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Jimmy Nelson: BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY and Mongolian Inspiration.

“Fine horses and fierce eagles are the wings of the Kazakh”.

JNelson (6) I decided to realize one of my dreams in life this year: a travel in Mongolia. It’s a land that always fascinated me, maybe because I know, I have the memories of the past: in one of my previous lives I was a warrior Mongol leader.

I know it is strange to tell about that, not the last (where I was a Thai monk), but one of many my previous lives, I have clear memories and scenes in front of me regarding this life. So I always wanted to travel one day in Mongolia! I love all the Mongolian culture: clothing, jewelry, traditions, landscapes etc.

All this talk about to say and show you a great photographer that I Love so much: JIMMY NELSON. In Berlin today Camera Work and CWC Gallery has inaugurated his wonderful exhibition:  BEFORE THEY PASS AWAY.

In many respects, the term »unique« describes the people portrayed by Jimmy Nelson best: Representatives of the world’s last indigenous peoples are the protagonists in Nelson’s photographs. His works go far beyond serving solely as a neutral visual document, serving the public’s vague idea about the existence of those tribesmen and peoples.

With his epochal series, Jimmy Nelson establishes an awareness for the fascinating variety of the culture- and history charged symbols of the people, reflecting their rites, customs and traditions, that hitherto has not existed to this extend. Among several other countries his journeys led Nelson to Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya, to China and Nepal or Siberia and Mongolia.

JNelson (5)  The cultural prosperity of the indigenous populations of those countries differentiates itself even further within each single tribe in a new and different way.

The spectator is confronted with the unknown and foreign in a genuine sense through the unfamiliar exoticism of the luxuriant fur robes of the Kazakhs in Mongolia, the colorful cloths of the Maasai in Tanzania, the pearl jewelry and feather decorations of the nhabitants of Goroka in Papua New Guinea, or the unembarrassed bare skin, if not tattooed or painted, of the Karo in Ethiopia.

His pictures oscillate between being a visual testament of authenticity and being the expression of a calculus of composition committed to the ideas of beauty, pride and dignity.

JNelson (10) Pride and dignity lie in the looks of the portrayed persons’ eyes that are vigorous enough to transcend the photograph’s restriction by frame even in front of a totally diminished background. They tell exactly those stories that are of vital importance to Jimmy Nelson and that he is keen to find on his journeys.

Different perspectives and layers of meaning thus seem to overlap and intermingle in the photographs. Their contents’ authenticity poses the question as to which extent, or in which cultural frame, such attributes can be attested by the spectator. For the tribesmen their bodies are jewelry just as the ones they decorate them with. JNelson (8)

This game with signs, repeated by Nelson in his visual language, encodes his works with ambiguity, is eventually a game of appearances. To generally bring appearances into question is one of the central messages Nelson took with him on his journeys.

Exhibition from March 8, 2014
CAMERA WORK ⋅ Kantstrasse 149 ⋅ 10623 Berlin · Germany · Tue–Sat 11a.m. – 6 p.m.
CWC GALLERY · Auguststrasse 11–13 · 10117 Berlin · Tue–Sat · 11a.m. – 7p.m.


JNelson (12)


JNelson (4)

JNelson (7)

JNelson (1)

JNelson (11)

JNelson (9)

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TIM WALKER for BLUMARINE and VALENTINO for creating imaginary worlds..


                 Tim Walker

The fashion week in Milan is starting. Poker of my favorite Italian designers is composed of Blumarine, Antonio Marras, Valentino and Alberta Ferretti. All of these designers have as a common passion for a romantic and poetic style at the same time with elegance.

Artistic elements that you can in the photographs of the GREAT TIM WALKER, one of my favourite of all times. English man, one of the most talented photographers in the last few years, Tim Walker in every picture tells a great story, evokes dreamscapes and fairy-tale.

Born in 1970 ,Tim Walker lives in London. He approaches the world of photography before attending college, working to the archive of Cecil Beaton at the Condé Nast Library in London.  He graduated at Exeter College of Art in 1994 and worked as a photographer’s assistant in London before moving to New York to attend full-time photographer Richard Avedon. Once back in England he devoted himself to portraiture and documentary work, until you arrive at Vogue, where he made his first service at the age of 25.

                 Tim Walker

Walker staged his first major exhibition at the Design Museum, London in 2008. This coincided with the release of his book ‘PICTURES’ published by teNeues. In 2010 Walker’s first short film, The Lost Explorer (BBC Films, 2010) was premiered at Locarno Film Festival in Switzerland.

Now he  regularly shoots for Vogue, WMagazine and Love Magazine. Each shot is a meticulous and careful research of scenography, set design and props. He collaborated with the set designer SHONA HEATH  one of Britain’s leading creative directors and set designers, whose prolific work in fashion imagery has, for the last 10 years, encompassed disciplines such as photography, film making and fine art.

It is no coincidence that Tim Walker collaborated to create advertising campaigns of two of my favorite designers: Valentino and Blumarine his early career. Then I show you pictures about these campaigns.

Valentino Spring

                 Tim Walker for RED VALENTINO, spring 2013


               Tim Walker for Blumarine Adv


               Tim Walker for Blumarine Adv


               Tim Walker for Blumarine Adv


               Tim Walker for Blumarine Adv


               Tim Walker for Blumarine Adv


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SHXPIR: great and future talent of fashion photograpy.

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The famous fashion and advertising photographer Erwin Olaf chose Berlin as set design for this latest series, interacting with the city spaces and architecture.

Into his pictures you can see thecapacity of capturing solitude, remorse and sadness in his sumptuous compositions.

Berlin, Fechthalle Westend – © Erwin Olaf

 When I saw for example  this photo for the first time, set at the Berlin Fechthalle in Westend, I seem to see the the loneliness of harlequins by Pablo Picasso of his Blue period. Character seem quite so hopelessly cut off from the rest of the world here as in the paintings of the Blue Period.

Then all his work as you can find also the study of light that recalls the Nordic and Flemish painting.

 Amongthe locations used for this series: Clärchens Ballhaus Mitte, Stadtbad Neukölln, Rathaus Schöneberg, Altes Stadthaus Mitte, Olympia Stadion Westend, Freimaurer Loge Dahlem.

8_'Berlin, Olympia Stadion Westend' - 25th of April, 2012853

Berlin, Olympia Stadion Westend – © Erwin Olaf

7_'Berlin, Freimaurer Loge Dahlem' - 22nd of April, 2012841

Berlin, Freimaurer Loge Dahlem – © Erwin Olaf

6_'Berlin, Olympia Stadion Westend, Selbstporträt' - 25th of April, 2012854

Berlin, Olympia Stadion Westend, Selbstporträt – © Erwin Olaf

4_'Berlin, Altes Stadthaus Mitte' - 8th of July, 2012852

Berlin, Altes Stadthaus Mitte – © Erwin Olaf

3'_Berlin, Rathaus Schöneberg' - 9th of July, 2012864

Berlin, Rathaus Schöneberg – © Erwin Olaf

2_'Berlin, Stadtbad Neukölln' - 23rd of April, 2012844

Berlin, Stadtbad Neukölln – © Erwin Olaf

1_'Berlin, Clärchens Ballhaus Mitte' - 10th of July, 2012847

Berlin, Clärchens Ballhaus Mitte – © Erwin Olaf