I like to travel routes unknown, not for snobbery or thirst for distinguish myself, but simply because i like to follow my thought and my instict in the wake of curiosity.


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   I’m always very glad to be able to talk about the project developed over the years by a dear friend.
Exactly one year ago I had the pleasure to know Zuleika, she led me to the discovery of unusual corners of the city.

Therefore I’ ve had the opportunity to know her project called BERLINO EXPLORER and especially the passion which she pursues  together her collegue Francesco.

Berlino Explorer was created in 2009 with the aim to analyze and show artistic and architectural aspects of Berlin’s districts, in particular during the last years of fast change that has interested the capital city of Germany.

They organize all year long guided tours, thematic excursions on various topics and explorations of urban issues inherent in contemporary architecture . Their goal is to observe the transformation in the urban landscape of Berlin, a city in “constant evolution.”

The purpose of their tours is to tell the history of the city, focusing on the personal stories of people who live or have lived in Berlin and analyzing anecdotes, useful to better understand the complexity of the events occurred in the last hundred years.

556528_221653871295041_472385097_nOne of the most interesting experiences to have in Berlin is walking around its neighborhoods: hidden streets, numerous parks, unimaginable courtyards… along the way there is the frequent discovery of self-managed spaces, still saved from the gentrification phenomenon, which have been imaginatively reinvented full of art and culture. The paths to explore Berlin, in fact, represent an excellent opportunity to visit the downtown areas of the current German capital—places focused on culture and creativity.

The tours will explore the neighborhoods of Berlin which, since the fall of the Wall in ’89, have assisted in the major alterations of the city: one of them is the multi-ethnic Kreuzberg36 , with his busy streets and his alternative life. From a complicated history of border neighborhood to a new development as artistical center of the new Berlin in the 1990s.

Travelling from the former West to the East, there’s the peculiar Prenzlauer Berg: a busy neighborhood composed by busy streets and hidden corners, trendy places and old locations where is still possible to feel the difficoult past of Berlin. And, furthermore, the place in the city where were located a lot of famous breweries, ready to tell their beautiful history.

181076_302546623205765_1567320588_nThe last (but not least) neighborhood is the “rebel” Wedding, a former thermal center at the gates of Berlin who became a thriving industrial center. Wedding’s productive courtyards are still there, witnesses of a past and ready to become centers of a new artistic streak.

All this tours will address paths punctuated by stories that intertwine past and present times, to show how the city’s identity takes social, cultural, and political shape and how the contemporary is still in movement.

I know Francesco and Zuleika since one year and I can truly say that there is no one else that will show you the city as they do.
Then I highly recommend their tours

Info and Contact:

Zuleika Munizza

Frankfurter Allee 5
10247 Berlin

telefono: | email:



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