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If you opened Facebook in these days, you almost certainly saw a video called “First Kiss” by Tatia Pllieva. Today I will write something that nobody will want to hear, but it’s  true.

These days for serious personal problems I didn’t  want and I have not linked to social, but all the people I heard to  talk about this. Then I saw this video.

I really don’t understand the success of this video.

This video is simply a BIG FAKE, mixed with a good cinematography  (really not so special but already seen into many commercial spot) and strangers chosen not so randomly (perfect people like models of Calvin Klein!)

But what have you seen so special on this images? we humans are not robots. I do not see anything innovative in the message that she wanted to convey, it’s simply a GREAT TRUMAN SHOW.

The premise is that total strangers meet in a room and are instructed to make out, while we watch like a couple of sick freaks. No less than four people shared it on my newsfeed with captions along the lines of “beautiful” or “stunning.” I watched it and thought why? Am I robot with no feelings? Can I be taught to love?

“Am I seriously the only curmudgeon in America who thinks this is super creepy and not some beautiful example of human connection transcending all? This whole thing seems kind of forced and gross, but I guess a contrived human connection still counts?”

I think this video simply expresses what is today’s society: a big fake and especially in human relationships.

In a society where human relationships are reduced to pure formality and cynicism, instead It would not have been more provocative to seize the moments of passionate kisses between people who love each other?

Or hearing  the story and the thrill of the first kiss that several couples have exchanged in their love stories?

This video let me think about what has happened to me in these days and I HAVE NO DOUBT I PREFER THE AUTHENTICIY OF EMOTION.

I am a great observer and when I walk on the street  and couples are kissing passionately they move me; you can see a real feeling!

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “HORRIBLE FAKE OF BEAUTY: FIRST KISS video is a shame and BIG FAKE!!

  1. i’m completely agree with you. in those last days i’ve saw it everywhere on the social media and all people like it but i don’t understand why. i feel it so fake, first of all for the people choosed. they seem models, all of them are beautiful and awsome, it’s not the reality. common people are different…it’s not so realistic…also the photography is mediocre… i don’t like it.


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