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NEVERSTOP motivational short film directed by Bruno Aveillan for 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi.

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I’ve already talked on this blog about my love for the french director and artist Bruno Aveillan. I really love so much his ability to combine a high sensitivity to transmit messages with a elegance and poetic aesthetic at the same time.

In these days start the Paralympic Games and Mr. Aveillan signed the spot for 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi with the Ambassador Natalia Vodianova model. It shows the model, running into a hangar without a leg, as well as archives of athletes who have won in previous Paralympic Games.

Natalia Vodiannova has been his muse into other wonderful commercial spot as GUERLAIN.

Neverstop_Aveillan NEVERSTOP campaign and the film shows Natalia asking herself an important question in life: “What if it became difficult to move forward? What if life has sent her an ultimate challenge, that of becoming handicapped? Would she be strong enough to continue moving forward?”. An image of Natalia with a bionic leg is a somewhat shocking reality that this could happen to any of us, any day, and Natalia’s honest answer that she is unsure of the outcome of her life if it were to be changed in such a dramatic way, emphasises how strong are those who never gave up and made the most out of their reality – Paralympians.

“I decided to work on the NEVERSTOP motivational film because I believe it is a cause that deserves a lot of good attention. I have a great respect and sincere admiration for disabled athletes. Disability leaves you no choice, every gesture is already a daily struggle. And when you look at it in the context of a competition such as the Paralympics, the effort that these men and women give is just incredible. Their sacrifice, which they demonstrate in long and arduous training, is a magnificent life lesson and the most sublime and beautiful part of the human soul: courage, will, and transcendence. When Natalia proposed me this project I immediately decided to get on board because I think that in media we don’t see this kind of message enough. The power of the mind is the crucial thing in life of course, and this is what #NEVERSTOP is about. Paralympics is definitely a cause that touches me deeply. There’s always a beautiful and strong story behind each and every Paralympic talent. The only thing people have to do to join the cause is to start to watch. it’s fascinating” said Bruno Aveillan.

neverstop Natalia Vodianova said: “The Paralympic cause is very close to my heart. My younger sister was born with cerebral palsy and during our childhood we experienced all the public stigmas attached to people with disabilities in Russia. I see the problem not in the infrastructure and the lack of a barrier-free environment which is only a consequence of the real problem. The real problem lies in the misguided perceptions and attitudes of society towards people with special needs. The idea of the film is to raise awareness and inspire people to watch the Paralympic Games, support Paralympians and help to create a change in society’s attitude towards people with disabilities. What I learned from some of my friends, Paralympians, is that even the biggest challenge can be seen not as an obstacle but an opportunity and that we choose everyday the way we perceive our life. Paralympic Athletes with their strength and determination show us how you can take the best from what’s on offer and therefore should be seen by us as role models, people who deserve only admiration, praise and our undivided attention”.


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