I like to travel routes unknown, not for snobbery or thirst for distinguish myself, but simply because i like to follow my thought and my instict in the wake of curiosity.

TARSEM SINGHT and his obsessive search for beauty and aesthetics.

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tarsem1 “Just The Right Amount of Wrong”: the provocative campaign to launch The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, a luxury resort set to open December 15, 2010. The brand will set a new benchmark by leaving guests with stories worth telling.

Director of this commercial spot, one my favourite film-maker: TARSEM SINGHT known professionally as Tarsem, is an indian director who has worked on films, music videos, and commercials. He usually worked with the great scenographer and costume designer EIKO ISHIOKA (cirque du soleil, Dracula, The Cell etc): simply a genius! On this Blog I’ll come back often to talk about these incredible artists.


Tarsem began his career directing music videos, including those of  “Hold on” by En Vogue, “Sweet Lullaby” by Deep Forest and R.E.M’s hit “Losing my religion”, the latter of which won Best Video of the Year at the 1991 MTV Video Music Award .He has directed dozens of commercials for brands such as Nike and Coca_Cola. Tarsem’s feature film directorial debut was The Cell (2000), starring Jennifer Lopez.

On this video you can find his obsessive search for beauty and  aesthetics, as in all his works. Enjoy the video!


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