I like to travel routes unknown, not for snobbery or thirst for distinguish myself, but simply because i like to follow my thought and my instict in the wake of curiosity.

Bruno Aveillan Director

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Bruno Aveillan’s touching new spot for Orange

“With this little finger you’ll drive your car.
With this little finger, you’ll save whales in the ocean.
This finger will carry your schoolbag, and this one will erase your wrinkles.
This little finger will help you make friends all over the world.
This one will order pizzas for you,
With this finger, you’ll control the lights, and command legions.
This little finger is for painting, for playing football and writing operas.
This little finger will topple dictatorships. And this one will make the world a better place.
But if one day you simply want to switch it all off and listen to the wind, then there’s always this little finger, here”.




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