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Born under the sign of the LION : CHANEL docet!

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I was born under the sign of the Leo.” – Gabrielle Chanel 
In Chapter 10 of Inside CHANEL, the king of animals becomes the emblem of Gabrielle Chanel’s personality: audacious, instinctive, passionate, radiant. 

For Mademoiselle, born August 19th under the fifth sign of the zodiac, the lion would become the sign of her destiny and a means of retying the broken threads of her life. “The lion is a regal and elegant creature and the fact that it was favored by Coco Chanel is a personal detail that most people probably don’t know about her,” she said. “By exposing this meaningful part of Coco Chanel’s life to the audience, it humanizes the Chanel brand overall.

I was born August 3th and and those adjectives express perfectly myself.

This commercial spot is perfect, a mix  of wonderful music together with a powerful use of the photography. The video, which shows a live lion, is chapter 10 in the brand’s Inside Chanel Series, which examines different aspects of the label’s heritage. This video looks at a more personal muse than previous films from Chanel, examining why Coco Chanel felt a kinship with lions, leading her to use them in her work.

 A series of original short films recount the events and the people who influenced the destiny of Coco Chanel, and forged her legend.

I’ll return to talk about Chanel and the incredible Genius ” THE KAISER – KARL” . He is fashion designer, artistic director, photographer and film-maker.


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